More Efficiency in Osteoarthritis Treatment

Improves Joint Mobility

Osteoarthritis destroys cartilage

Due to a significant reduced viscoelasticity and lack of synovial fluid

That means:

Increased mechanical loading of the joint increases the cartilage destruction followed by pain and restricted mobility.

Curavisc® protects cartilage due to i.a. injections of highly purified sodium hyaluronate which increases viscoelasticity and the quality of synovial fluid

That means:

Curavisc® reduces pain and improves joint mobility through viscosupplementation and positive influences on the synovial metabolism.

Curavisc: More Quality of Life with Osteoarthritis

One Curavisc® syringe contains 20 mg/2 ml of highly purified hyaluronic acid made by fermentation.

Curavisc® improves joint mobilisation with 3 to 5 injections, one per week, and gives a prolonged benefit up to 12 months.

Curavisc® is available in ready tu use syringes of 20 mg/2ml hyaluronic acid made by fermentation. Curavisc® is a medical device according to MMD 93/42 EEC. Curavisc® is indicated for the injection in the synovia of the knee and other synovial joints. Curavisc®  shows a very good safety profile, it has no allergic potential against avian proteins. Read instructions for use carefully! To be used under direction of a physician! Store below 25° C.



Treatment of osteoarthritis with the hyaluronic acid product Curavisc®

by Helmut Weinhart, Starnberg, Germany

From November 2005 to July 2007, a total of 40 orthopedists participated in a post-marketing surveillance study of Curavisc®. 525 patients were treated with this novel hyaluronic acid product. They were 19 to 94 years old. The main indication for treatment was mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee (81,3 %). The clinical evaluation was carried out after 5 injections on a weekly basis by means of a score system. A total of 2.494 injections were given. 32 % of patients were free of symptoms after the 5 weeks treatment, 44 % reported a pronounced and 18 % a slighter improvement. Only 3 patients reported pain after an injection. The intraarticular treatment with the hyaluronic acid product Curavisc® proved to be a very well-tolerated and clinically effective alternative to systemically or locally applied antiphlogistics or antirheumatic agents in the treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the major joints.

Published in "Orthopädische Praxis 44, 1, 2008"

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