CERASORB® β-TCP bioceramic scaffolds in a vacuum suction handle for intraoperative stromal cell enrichment – developed from surgeons for surgeons!

Kleinostheim, Germany, 4 October 2021

CERASORB® β-TCP bioceramic scaffolds in a vacuum suction handle for intraoperative stromal cell enrichment – developed from surgeons for surgeons!

 curasan AG and TissueFlow GmbH enter into exclusive cooperation agreement for BoneFlo®.

BoneFlo® is a unique, patented, and award-winning surgical suction set with a specially designed filter mechanism. Under responsibility of the surgeon it can be loaded with CERASORB® β-TCP scaffolds.

“During musculoskeletal surgery, an undefined mixture of bone marrow, cancellous bone fragments, fat, hematoma and additional soluble factors occur at the bony implant site. Together with inflammatory cytokines and blood derived growth factors, this microenvironment includes a strong osteogenic potential, associated with an increased risk for ectopic bone formation”, states Prof. Dr. M. Jäger (Chair of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery, University of Duisburg Essen, Germany; Department of Orthopedics, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery, St. Marien Hospital Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany)

“Usually, this “bone stew” is being collected in a plastic-filter of conventional suction handles and later disposed. Meanwhile, recent research data suggests that the collected surgical site released tissue can enhance local osteoinduction”, he continues1.

Latest studies conclude that surgical vacuum filter derived stromal cells are superior in proliferation to bone marrow aspirate2 and that, during orthopedic surgery, tissue with relevant amounts of mesenchymal cells and growth factors can be concentrated by an advanced surgical vacuum.3

“The BoneFlo® concept is fully aligned with curasan´ s strategy to bring products to market that further enhance the bioactive capacities of our regenerative portfolio by making our scaffolds osteoinductive and thus leading to improved surgical outcomes for patients around the globe”, states Dirk Dembski, CEO of curasan AG.

“BoneFlo® is just the start of many other concepts in curasan´ s product innovation pipeline for musculoskeletal regeneration” he points out.

About the product

The ergonomically designed device BoneFlo® is optimized for perioperative blood collection and filters debris from valuable blood and tissue components containing important biological growth factors responsible for osteostimulation and osteointegration.  Under responsibility of the orthopaedic surgeon, the unique filter design thus allows direct loading and bioactivation of the hydrophilic and multiporous CERASORB® β-TCP scaffolds.

Furthermore, BoneFlo® avoids clogging as often seen with conventional suction tips, keeps the surgical area clean and visible and through a quick filter change mechanism, safes valuable operating time.

BoneFlo® is a single use, disposable CE and ISO 13485 certified medical device (Class IIa) that will first be launched in Europe by curasan AG for surgical interventions, where a lot of blood and tissue must be suctioned (e.g., orthopedic and trauma surgery). Further variations, (e.g., spine surgery), are in development and to be released soon. Each set contains a handle, 2 filters and 2 suction tips.


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BoneFlo® -Cerasorb Cylinder

BoneFlo® flow

BoneFlo® flow

Surgical vacuum filter derived stromal cells

Osteopromotion β-TCP cylinder – blood

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