Sustainability” is a central term for curasan AG that paraphrases the entire philosophy of the company:

Our products are innovative and thoughtfully designed. In our development efforts, we focus primarily on customer benefit. We also set the highest standards on all technologies we use at our production site. Apart from optimal quality and safety, our main concerns are cost effectiveness and environmental compatibility.

Our innovative and sustainable cleanroom concept with combined heat, cooling, and power production by means of a co-generation power plant (CHP) makes a significant contribution to this aim.

Sustainability with a double effect:

  • Maximization of energy efficiency
  • Minimization of CO2 emissions

Project description

curasan AG produces medical products for bone and tissue regeneration at the Frankfurt am Main site. In the course of expanding our capacities, we invested in new cleanroom technology. Such clean rooms require large quantities of energy for transporting, heating, and cooling the supplied air volumes. In addition, in some cases energetic peak loads arise in the clean rooms due to thermal combustion processes.

Parallel to building the new production facility, the owners of the site also founded the “Innovation and Technology Center Frankfurt West (ITF West)” with a high-efficiency energy supply for all buildings. The energy supply was changed to a co-generation power plant (CHP system) based on the principle of combined heat, cooling, and power production. The CHP system not only generates electricity, but the resulting waste heat is also used as well.

Economically sensible and ecologically sustainable

For our company:
We obtain both cold and heat as well as all our electricity for our production site from the co-generation power plant. This results in lower space requirements, savings due to lack of installed components and reserves necessary for other supply systems, as well as delivery and price reliability for the procured energy.

For the environment:
The CO2 emission of the clean room air conditioning system per square meter and year could be lowered by about 68% compared to conventionally operated clean rooms. The CHP system is run on gas, energy peaks are covered by wood pellet combustion. The energy efficiency of the CHP system is about 90%.

Energy supply from the CHP system to the central air conditioning system of curasan AG with heating and cooling