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Literature List 2017
GTR/GBR Brochure
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Osbone® – Guideline
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Dentistry Literature

Dr. Dr. Arwed Ludwig
A Clinical Comparison

Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Schermer
From granules to foam

Dr. R. Miller
Comparison of bone-graft substitutes – Risks and benefits of synthetic and bovine derivate materials

Dr. Lerner
Augmentation and defect filling in oral surgery – A multicentre non-interventional study

Osbone® Multicentre Study

Case Reports
Dr. Fernando Duarte
Peri-implantitis treatment with CERASORB® M
Priv. Doz. Dr. Dr. Arwed Ludwig
Management of a massive follicular cyst defect with CERASORB® M
Dr. Frank Palm and Dr. Jan Rupp
Alveolar ridge preservation with CERASORB® Foam and stypro®
Prof. Dr. Almeida
Augmentation in the esthetic zone with CERASORB® M and platelet rich fibrin