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Literature List 2017
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The CERASORB®-Promise
Orthopedic Literature
Alfred Gruber
Bone substitute with CERASORB® in orthopedic surgery, traumatology and hand surgery

A. Breil Wirth, J. Jerosch
Application of CERASORB® Foam in Orthopedics – a Prospective Trial

Dorothea Daentzer, Wolf-Dietrich Hübner
The use of CERASORB® Foam in spinal surgery

Literature List 2017

Tim Rolvien,
ß-TCP bone substitutes in Tibial plateau depression fractures

Case Reports
Prof. Dr. D. Daentzer
Osteochondrosis and lumbar spinal stenosis
Drs. M. Bemelman
Subtalar Arthrodesis
Drs. G. Roukema
Communitive mid-shaft clavicle fracture
Drs. E.J. Hekma
Olecranon fracture, partial non-union