Intelligent Bone Management – Frankfurter Implantologie Tage (FIT) 2016

Kleinostheim, 01. April 2016 – On March 11th/12th 2016 the “Frankfurter Implantologie Tage (FIT)” took place in Frankfurt on the Main, Germany. Under the motto „FIT for Intelligent Bone Management“ curasan AG had invited numerous top-class speakers.

Experienced clinicians like Prof. Dr. Dr. Frank Palm, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Arwed Ludwig and Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Schermer as well as research scientists from universities like Prof. Dr. Christine Knabe-Ducheyne and Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Shahram Ghanaati illuminated various aspects of modern bone substitute materials.

Under the moderation of Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Hübner, Medical Director of curasan AG, the speakers presented their own – for the most part comprehensive – long term experiences with the synthetic bone regeneration material CERASORB®.

Other contributors to the symposium were Dr. Fabian Peters, Technical Director curasan AG, Dr. medic. Henriette Lerner and Dr. Robert Miller, Miami, USA.

The lectures demonstrated that the synthetic bone regeneration material CERASORB® M with its resorptive features has advantages over autologous bone or bone of foreign human or animal origin. There are more exciting products in curasan’s pipeline. The next “Frankfurter Implantologietage“ are scheduled for 2017.


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