One of curasan AG’s core values is integrity in dealings with each other and with our clients. We are emphatically committed to detecting and preventing financial crime. curasan wishes to encourage everyone to join the fight against financial crime by reporting suspicious behaviour.


How can I submit a report?

  • We therefore established an e-mail account within our Compliance Management System, which enables customers, employees and third parties to report potentially fraudulent activities that affect the curasan group online. The address is
  • If you wish to report potentially fraudulent activities, you can do this using your name or anonymously (e.g. by using an alias mail address). We value open communication and would like to encourage you to submit your report using your name. In any event, your information will always be handled in the strictest confidence. Likewise, we take into account the legitimate interests of all parties in the framework of the law. If you do not want your name to be shared with persons outside of the Compliance Department, please indicate that in your report.
  • You may also send your report by post to: Compliance Officer, Lindigstr. 4, 63801 Kleinostheim, Germany.
    Also in this case we would like to encourage you to include your name and a contact information.


Which kind of incidents can be reported?

  • We have set up this system exclusively so as to receive reports about possible criminal activity within the curasan Group. Abuse of this system for other purposes may constitute a criminal offence.
  • Hinweise innerhalb des Compliance Systems dienen ausschließlich dazu, auf vermutete wirtschaftskriminelle Handlungen im curasan-Konzern aufmerksam zu machen. Ein Missbrauch zu anderen Zwecken kann einen Straftatbestand darstellen.
  • The information you report can lead to the initiation of internal investigations as well as investigations by public authorities and other consequences. For this reason, only share information that is true to the best of your knowledge. There will be significant consequences for the knowing submission of false or misleading information. The knowing dissemination of false information is a criminal offence in many countries. Reports made in good faith and to your best knowledge will not result in any negative action by the company.
  • Do not provide us with any information if doing so is a criminal offence according to the laws of your country. This applies in particular in connection with the sharing of state secrets.


How does curasan evaluate the reports received?

  • After your report is received, the Compliance Department evaluates whether an investigation is required. An investigation may be carried out by internal or external investigators. If a department outside the Compliance Department is responsible for handling the issues reported by you, even if it is within one of the reporting categories, your report will be forwarded to that department.
  • Individuals suspected of compliance violations may be given the opportunity to address the circumstances you described in your report. If you have disclosed your identify but would not like individuals involved in a suspected compliance violation to learn your identity, please indicate that in your report. If necessary, information you provide will be shared with public authorities.
  • You will be informed when the matter is finalized via the e-mail account given by you. For data protection reasons the company cannot share with you any details regarding the outcome of the inquiry or any consequences that may have resulted.