Latest curasan bone regeneration scaffold technology CERASORB® Foam now approved for use with antibiotics


Kleinostheim, 28 June 2021

The β-TCP collagen matrix CERASORB Foam, a resorbable, osteoconductive and cancellous bone-like bone regeneration material prepared from β-tricalcium phosphate and collagen, was recently recertified by curasan AG´s notified body with the additional claim for use with antibiotics. The intraoperative combination of CERASORB Foam with a wide range of commercially available antibiotics provides surgeons with a novel option in filling and bridging degenerative and traumatic bone defects.

“This is a major milestone in minimizing the risk of a reinfection at the defect site. We have been evaluating various antibiotics in combination with our industry leading synthetic bone regeneration materials under laboratory conditions for years and collected important insights and data on the commercially available composite materials in comparison to our products1)”, marks Dirk Dembski, CEO at curasan AG. “With the approval of the claim we have found a consensus for the patients and surgeons”, he continues.

“Our in-vitro studies have proven that CERASORB Foam can be soaked to saturation with antibiotic solutions that have been prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Vancomycin, Gentamicin, Tobramycin, Refobacin, Imipenem / Cilastatin and Meropenem solutions were tested in the investigations. Our studies have shown, that antibiotically loaded CERASORB Foam shows an excellent initial burst release of the antibiotics into the environment, followed by a long-term elution of the substrates. Furthermore, our investigations underline, that in comparison to competitive products, the antibiotic elution from CERASORB Foam has shown to be above the necessary MIC (minimal inhibitor concentration), but below the cytotoxic level in order not to interfere with the cell activity during osteogenesis. In addition, CERASORB Foam has clearly shown to have a higher loading and release capacity than other commercially available products” states Florian Früh, Head of Global Product Management at curasan AG.

First successful revision surgeries of infected hip prosthesis and treatment of infected bone areas have been carried out with very promising results. Further clinical investigations are ongoing.

Thus, the major problem of implant and bone defect infections was addressed, and a consensus created, so that after detailed patient education and full debridement of the infected bone defect, surgeons, under their responsibility, may prophylactically use CERASORB Foam in combination with above mentioned antibiotics in the bone defect to minimize the risk of a renewed infection.

Besides many other regions, CERASORB Foam for the use in Orthopedic surgery is CE-marked, FDA and ANVISA approved. Further regulatory approval processes, e.g. in China, are currently ongoing and approvals are expected soon.

1) Data on file at curasan AG

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