Osteoarthritis Therapy

Osteoarthritis, joint wear beyond that normal for age, particularly that affecting the large joints (the hip, knee, shoulder), elbow, and hand and ankle joints, is one of the most frequent disorders encountered in the field of orthopedics. Around two–thirds of people over 65 years old are affected with osteoarthritis; in Germany alone some 5 million people.

The etiology of the osteoarthritis can vary, the symptoms are usually expressed as initial movement and stress associated pain. The goal of osteoarthritis therapy is, therefore, to relieve the joint pain and thereby to restore the patient’s movement and performance capabilities in order to enhance quality of life, and to slow down further joint wear.

In an osteoarthritis, there is a qualitative and quantitative deficiency of natural hyaluronic acid in the affected joint which normally provides the necessary lubrication of the joint. Hyaluronic acid produced by a fermentation process can provide relief in such cases, and complement deficient synovial fluid. This process is called viscosupplementation, that is, the supplementation of synovial fluid.

With Curavisc®, curasan offers an efficacious therapeutic product that can achieve increased mobility in the early stages of osteoarthritis and a palpable reduction in pain. In an injectable form this hyaluronic acid preparation can be introduced directly into the affected joint by intra–articular injection. In an optimal treatment procedure the patient can be free of pain again in just a couple of weeks.
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