Wound Healing

Wound healing is a natural process, by which the body reseals damaged body tissues by regeneration or by the formation of scar tissue. In order to accelerate this process, preparations are routinely used during a surgical procedure, which favor the wound healing process. This supports both the successful outcome of the procedure and the patient’s recovery.

In the field of wound healing curasan focuses on supporting hemostasis, the body’s own blood coagulation mechanisms. For example, hemostatic agents are used in capillary, venous, small arterial or diffusely oozing bleeding or, particularly when blood coagulation is not possible using conventional methods.

The special preparation stypro® from curasan is a completely resorbable biomaterial, which has been for many years successfully used in a wide range of surgical areas.

You can find more detailed information about the special mode of action in the Dental and Orthopedics product sectors.