CERASORB® Block Forms

CERASORB® block forms were developed to respond to the special requirements of orthopedic and trauma surgery. In virtue of the regularly aligned, parallel 1,000 – 1,400 μm macropores Cerasorb® block forms offer the ideal conditions for biologically functional bone growth.

The dimensions of the macropores allow both uninhibited vascularization and formation of load–oriented mature bone structures. The infiltration of the implant structure with functionally oriented and interlinked osseous structures proceeds seamlessly.

As a result, there is a rapid restoration of natural loadability even before the complete resorption of the block forms. The defined structure provides a high overall porosity (interconnecting micro – and macroporosity) of 40 – 65%. This provides the necessary mechanical stability for operative handling.

CERASORB® bock forms can be deployed flexibly for a wide range of special indications. Whether as cubes or as cuboids; as wedges or as cylinders. CERASORB® block forms can be easily worked using conventional surgical instruments, and easily adapted to a variety of defect situations.

Product Benefits

  • Biofunctional bone growth in virtue of a regularly aligned macropore system
  • Good mechanical stability with an overall porosity of up to 65 %
  • Precise and uncomplicated implantation thanks to easy handling


  • Filling and bridging of non–infected bone defects
  • Plastic reconstruction of damaged or resected areas of bone
  • Filling of intervertebral implants