CERACELL® is based on curasan’s proprietary pure-phase β-TCP technology1 and is additionally doped with bioactive silicate to enhance the mechanical stability and simultaneously offering high porosity.

The porosity of ≥ 75 % provides a large surface and allows for vascularization and cell nutrition at micro-; meso-; and macro-levels.

The interconnected pores allow for timely physiological resorption of the biomimetic bone substitute and new bone formation at inner and outer level of the scaffold.

The particle size (< 15 μm) prevents phagocytosis (wound healing disorder) and hydrolytic degeneration of the β-TCP+Si scaffold.

The resorption time and new bone formation is designed to mimic autologous bone.

1 CERASORB® – ICDD (International Center for Diffraction Data, Pennsylvania, USA) reference standard since 2005.