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The formulation of CERASORB® Paste is based on developments in modern bone biology. Very fine CERASORB® M granulate is suspended in a hyaluronic acid matrix. This special, patented combination optimally supports the physiological healing process.

The form–fitting application of CERASORB® Paste in small bone defects can be done directly from the sterile pre–filled syringe. This makes it possible to also treat difficult–to–reach places simply and quickly.

After application, CERASORB® Paste takes up growth factors by diffusion from the surrounding bone tissue. The hyaluronic gel provides a matrix for the infiltrating cells with on which the fine CERASORB® M granules can be included. The hyaluronic acid gel does not harden. Its properties make it possible to remain a permanently ductile, volume–stable hydrogel in the defect, where it supports the body’s own healing process.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the extracellular matrix in human beings. Results from recent studies show that it promotes the differentiation of stem cells into osteoblasts, and in addition has anti-inflammatory action.

Product Benefits

  • High water content, permanent plastic hydrogel structure
  • Growth factors, proteins and bone–forming cells are absorbed quickly without any diffusion barrier
  • Early vascularization and good bone remodeling in a short period


For direct implantation in the case of filling and reconstruction of small and multi–wall infrabony defects

Indications may differ from country to country