• CollaGuide® is available in 3 practical sizes

  • CollaGuide® in double sterile packaging

  • CollaGuide® is transparent,
    resilient, elastic and resorbable

  • CollaGuide® cross section in 1000 fold increase

  • CollaGuide® CollaGuide® cross section in 500 fold increase

CollaGuide® is the unique transparent, resorbable membrane for use in guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and guided bone regeneration (GBR).

CollaGuide® consists of a fibrillar collagen pad (type 1 collagen). The membrane is completely free of additional chemicals (no chemical cross–linking). These product characteristics promote healing free of inflammation and homogeneous resorption. (Wang H. Carroll W. Guided bone regeneration using bone grafts and collagen membranes. Quintessence International. 32, 2001; 504-515.)

CollaGuide®’s unique overlapping fibrillar pad structure prevents infiltration of connective tissue cells into the graft to be protected. In the course of membrane resorption, the fibrillar pad breaks up. In this fashion a matrix is created that enables fibroblast infiltration and cellular attachment.

CollaGuide® is completely resorbed within about 8 months.

CollaGuide® can be used together with all current bone regeneration and bone grafting materials.

CollaGuide® is available in 3 practical sizes

Description / Size Item No.
CollaGuide® 15 x 20 mm 9000 740 001
CollaGuide® 20 x 30 mm 9000 740 002
CollaGuide® 30 x 40 mm 9000 740 003

Product Benefits:

What it means for you:

CollaGuide® is:

Easy to position! The graft is visible and can be inspected at all times.

resilient and elastic
Easy handling! The membrane is easy to handle when dry or wet, can be cut to size, and shaped and placed with confidence. If necessary, CollaGuide® can be secured using pins or sutures.


A second procedure for removing the membrane is not necessary. During tissue integration the membrane is infiltrated by fibroblasts and blood vessels and resorbed at the same time.


Use in guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and guided bone regeneration (GBR), as for example

  • Alveolar ridge preservation, alveolar ridge reconstruction and alveolar ridge build-up for implant bed preparation and at the same time as implantation.
  • Periodontology
  • Defect repair, e.g., after apicectomy, cyst removal, removal of impacted teeth, etc.

Indications may differ from country to country