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Osgide® is a bioresorbable barrier membrane for use in guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and guided bone regeneration (GBR).

In periodontal bone defects, the membrane creates a protected environment for bone regeneration in the defect area and supports osteoneogenesis by presenting a barrier to the infiltration (migration) of soft tissue and promotes the growth of osteogenic cells in the bony defect.

Osgide® is a high purity membrane which is manufactured from porcine starting materials under controlled and standardized conditions. It consists of a fiber network of collagen and elastin fibers, which prevents the migration of bone graft material and has very high mechanical stability.

Osgide® can be easily secured with pins, if necessary, and a tension–free closure of the mucosa can be obtained. The surface textures of membranes demonstrate an influence on the morphology of the adherent cells.4


Product Benefits:

Because of an optimized technical manufacturing process the Osgide® membrane combines the following benefits:

  • High therapeutic safety in virtue of a reliably longer barrier function of up to 16 weeks 1
  • Excellent tissue integration, since Osgide® is not chemically wetted and therefore has very good biological and cellular compatibility
  • Excellent plasticity
  • High tensile strength/mechanical stability
  • Dimensional stability, even in the wetted state
  • Ideal combinability with a wide range of bone grafting materials
  • Easy and reliable use

Der Großteil des Kollagennetzwerkes der Osige<sup>®</sup>- Membran ist in vivo (Ratte) noch 20 Wochen nach subkutaner Implantation vorhanden und gut in das umliegende Gewebe integriert.

Der Großteil des Kollagennetzwerkes der Osgide®– Membran ist in vivo (Ratte) noch 20 Wochen nach subkutaner Implantation vorhanden und gut in das umliegende Gewebe integriert.


  • Guided tissue regeneration (GTR)
  • Guided bone regeneration (GBR)

Indications may differ from country to country

Critical – The reliable barrier function!

Osgide®is a bioresorbable membrane that eliminates a second surgical procedure for removing the membrane. With resorbable membranes, the stability of the membrane versus degradation is of considerable significance. A number of studies in the literature demonstrate that in the unwetted collagen membranes the barrier function is only guaranteed for a short period, 2,3 and can vary significantly. Therefore, high priority was placed on reproducible high stability during the development of Osgide®. Due to the slowed biodegradation of Osgide®, the membrane’s barrier function is not prematurely interrupted but is preserved for 12 to 16 weeks.

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